The Fairplay Depot building is home to the Fairplay Depot Coworking Space and to Resonance Guitars (a guitar repair and custom build shop).  The building was actually never a train depot (the original Fairplay Train Depot pictured to the right burned down long ago), but the building has a fasinating history none-the-less.  It was built around 1980 from 1880 plans as the sales office for Western Union Recreational Vehicle Park which is now the Campground of the Rockies.  The building was purchased and moved to its present location in the town center of Fairplay around 1990. The full-sized train cars that sat in front of the building before its relocation now sit in the South Park City Museum grounds.  The building has been home to various realtors until its purchase by its present owners in 2018.

The Cowork space itself is delightful in its historical feel and atmosphere with some of its furnishings being nearly as old as the building purports to be.  There is even a telephone booth from the mid 1900's for more private phone or web conferences.  There is a main door key pad for 24/7 access, coffee and tea, snacks, refrigerator, microwave and printer. The internet is fiber optic cable rated at 100 mb/sec both up and down.  

 Note: You must sign in and become a new user of our website as a first step.  Then you will receive a welcome email.  After that you will be able to sign up to become a member (Monthly or Weekly) or purchase Event Tickets.  If you have a special situation (like needed access for a day or two), please contact us directly to check for availability.  At his time to keep from overcrowding the building, we are requiring admin approval on all new members. Thanks for your interest, business, understanding and patience.


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